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2007-02-05 09:58 pm

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The door opens onto the very edge of an ancient forest, where the trees open up onto a vast grassy basin. The land is dotted here and there with groves of trees verged with thickets of berry bushes, centering around deep, cold springs of water just freshly melted from the winter's cold. The water is clear enough to look down through ten feet of it at the dozing trout below. Deer, as placid and docile as sheep, graze in the tall grass; for all that green is only beginning to rise in the world again, this place is already strong with life.

You okay there? says Belar; he's taken on the shape of a bear Suzi will never have seen before. The short-faced bear died out of Earth's record ten thousand years before recorded history began, but it was the largest mammalian carnivore ever to set foot on land. He stands five and a half feet tall at the shoulder despite being on all fours, and he couldn't possibly be less than ten feet long from nose to tail. Despite this, the deer in the grass and the birds overhead show no particular distress at his presence.